Naturpark-Blick bei Osterode am Harz
Naturpark-Blick bei Osterode am Harz

What is a Nature Park?


Nature Parks are large areas which are attached on importance to take care of nature conservation, preservation of culture landscapes and the sustainable development of the region.

These areas are no protective areas in a wider sense because additional bans and rules are not stated. Only the instructions of the landscape and preserved areas are considered. The publications of Nature Parks do not restrict the development and decisions of the districts, countrymen and companies.

Nature Parks are large areas, which are suited for recreation and sustainable tourism. Nature Parks conduce to conservation, development or recreation of varied used landscapes and their biodiversity.

Duties of Nature Parks

1. Protection, care and development of nature and landscape

2. Preservation of the characteristically cultural landscape by supporting agriculture, forestry and water close to nature

3. Promotion sustainable use, marketing of local products and benefit of local identity

4. Conservation and promotion of cultural heritage, preservation of architectural and archaeological monuments and further development of settlement and built environmental 

5. Covering the landscape related recreation and environmental and socially acceptable tourism 

6. Protection of natural resources 

7. Co-operation in plans which are related to other Nature Parks

8. Co-operation with communes, public authorities and organisations

9. Promotion and ecological awareness by environmental education, information and public relation

10. Creation and allowance of arrangements for recreational use and visitor direction